Dustguard AS – Hard Wearing Dissipative Epoxy Resin Floor Coating

Dustguard AS – Hard Wearing Dissipative Epoxy Resin Floor Coating

Dustguard AS provides a dissipative, hard wearing, easily cleaned, low maintenance, attractive floor surface which is chemically resistant, impervious and seamless. Dustguard AS is suitable for use in areas where a conducting floor with a resistance of between 5x10E4 and 1x10E6 is required to control static electricity discharge.


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Conren Dustguard

A multi-purpose, heavy duty epoxy resin sealer designed to penetrate and strengthen concrete and other surfaces to protect and improve the appearance of industrial floors and provide a low maintenance finish. It has excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals.

Where non-slip coatings are required, Conren Stopslip aggregate may be incorporated into the system.

Colours: 9 standard colours are available. Other colours can be formulated on request, from both the BS4800 and RAL colour groups. Certain non-standard colours may be subject to a minimum order quantity or surcharge.

Conren WD Aquatect water vapour suppressant/primer has been developed for fast track construction requirements by improving surface adhesion and bonding of the flooring system to new concrete or where the presence of a DPM is suspect. It is applied to shotblasted concrete before installation of surface finishes. Depending on the concrete specification, this could be as early as 7 days after the concrete has been placed.

Conren recommend mechanical preparation for most substrates prior to installation of epoxy resin coatings/screeds and offer a range of primer systems to suit most situations.

Where the moisture content in a new concrete slab exceeds 75% RH, e.g. in fast track construction projects, Conren WD Aquatect, water vapour suppressant/primer should be used. Consult Conren for recommendations and details.

Existing surfaces must be clean, dry and free from contamination which can prevent the effective adhesion of coatings and screeds. For heavily oil contaminated surfaces, the concrete should be shotblasted and subjected to hot compresses air (HCA) followed by a holding primer of WD Bonder or WD Aquatect. Consult with Conren for full details.

Most epoxy and polyurethane systems can be applied to timber surfaces, metal structures and other substrates.

Conren produce Flexijoint, a joint system to suit all manner of construction methods, including crack induced/sawn joints and pre-formed expansion joints as well as coved skirting details and other finishing requirements.

Conren will carry out site surveys and offer technical advice on the use and performance of all Conren products. A maintenance range of products is available for end user application.

Consult Conren Ltd technical literature for details. Conren Ltd can also provide a design and specification service and it is recommended that they are consulted early in the design process.


Preparation: As clauses 230 and 240. Consult Conren for additional advice on preparing contaminated surfaces or dealing with fast track application on new concrete.

Resin flooring system:

Manufacturer: Conren Limited, Unit 1, The Bridge Business Centre, Ash Road South, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham LL13 9UG. Tel: 01978 661 991 Fax:01978 664 664.

Primer reference: 1 coat of Dustguard applied by brush or roller.

Resin flooring reference: 1 coat of Dustguard applied by brush or roller. For anti-slip finish apply a further coat of Dustguard with Slipstop aggregate incorporated in mix.

Nominal thickness: Consult with Conren Ltd for recommendations and details.

Colour: Light Grey / Dark Grey / Light Stone / Tile Red / Light Green / Mid Green / Cream / Arctic Blue / Conren Blue

Surface finish/treatment: Not applicable.

Resin skirtings/upstands: Consult with Conren Ltd for recommendations and details.

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