Floorplate - Industrial Shake on Flooring

Floorplate - Industrial Shake on Flooring

Used as a dry surface dressing for new build construction, Floorplate topping is power-floated into freshly laid concrete to create a monolithic, heavy duty industrial floor surface.


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Conren Floorplate Industrial Floor Surfacing

A dry dress application directly onto freshly laid concrete bases, to produce an exceptionally hard-wearing monolithic, heavy duty floor surface and designed for warehousing, heavy engineering, loading bays, production areas, and multi-storey car park decks.

Various grades of Floorplate are available depending on site requirements, including those areas exposed to wet conditions: contact Conren for further information. Conren will carry out site surveys and offer technical advice on the use and performance of all Conren products.

Consult Conren Ltd technical literature for details. Conren Ltd can also provide a design and specification service and it is recommended that they are consulted early in the design process.

Manufacturer: Conren Limited, Unit 1, The Bridge Business Centre, Ash Road South, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham LL13 9UG. Tel: 01978 661 991 Fax:01978 664 664.

Product reference: Floorplate
Mix: 2:1 Floorplate to ordinary Portland cement
Colour: Consult with Conren Ltd.

Application of dry shake: Sprinkle evenly at appropriate stages during floating and before trowelling.
Application rate:
2 kg/m2. - for light industrial/warehouse applications.
3 - 5 kg/m2. - for medium industrial/warehousing, loading areas and ramps etc.
5 kg/m2. - for medium/heavy industrial areas (aircraft hangers, machine shops, garages, bottling plants etc.). N.B. To be mixed 2:1 ratio Floorplate : OPC

Sealer manufacturer: Conren Ltd as above.
Product reference: Conren CS2 Cure & Seal or Lapidolith - Consult with Conren Ltd for recommendations and details.

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