Rooftex - High Performance Liquid Waterproofing

Rooftex - High Performance Liquid Waterproofing

A cold applied single pack polyurethane extended liquid, Rooftex cures to form a waterproof membrane with exceptional elasticity. For roof structures, balconies, wet areas and structural waterproofing, this system performs regardless of worldwide climatic conditions. Rooftex is black and can be over-coated with coloured granules, or silver coating which provides heat and light reflective properties. For further information on which type of Rooftex to specify or for information on the Rooftex range of ancillary products, then please contact Conren’s Technical Services Department.


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 Rooftex PF Datasheet
 Rooftex 2C Datasheet
 Rooftex Datasheet

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Conren Rooftex

A flexible, single component, moisture curing modified polyurethane liquid membrane designed for all kinds of waterproofing projects. It is UV stable and cures within hours to produce a tough, seam-free, rubber-like membrane of exceptional elasticity which will not crack or craze. The membrane is designed as a long-term solution for new or old roofing and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including failed membranes, asbestos, corrugated sheeting and concrete.

The membrane is also designed for use in wet areas such as bathrooms, swimming pools, balconies, planters, podiums and for structural foundations (specify in section J30)

Conren will carry out site surveys and offer technical advice on the use and performance of all Conren products. A maintenance range of products is available for end user application.

Consult Conren Ltd technical literature for details. Conren Ltd can also provide a design and specification service and it is recommended that they are consulted early in the design process.

Preparation: Consult with Conren Ltd for recommendations and details.

Waterproof coating: One part, moisture curing modified polyurethane
Manufacturer: Conren Limited, Unit 1, The Bridge Business Centre, Ash Road South, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham LL13 9UG. Tel: 01978 661 991 Fax:01978 664 664.

Primer reference:
Rooftex Urethane Primer to cementitious/porous surfaces.
Rooftex GP Primer to existing bitumen, asphalt and felt based substrates.
Coverage per coat: 6 – 8m2/litre
Coating reference: Conren Rooftex
Application: 2no. coats cold applied directly from drum by brush, roller or squeegee.
Reinforcement: Roofab polyester reinforcing scrim embedded into Rooftex over areas of stress
Minimum dry film thickness: 1.3mm in two coats

Surface protection:
Rooftex Silver Coating applied at rate of 8m2/litre
Rooftex selected flat graded slate granules, average 1.5kg/m2
Colour: Grey / Green / Red

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