Truegrip BT - High Friction Anti-skid Resin Surfacing

Truegrip BT - High Friction Anti-skid Resin Surfacing

BBA/HAPAS approved Type 1, Truegrip BT is a high friction anti-skid surfacing for today’s busy highways, reducing the risk of vehicle accidents at critical areas such as approaches to roundabouts and junctions.


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 Truegrip BT Datasheet
 BBA HAPAS Certificate

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Truegtip BT

Truegrip BT and Truegrip EP are resin based coated systems formulated from carefully chosen raw materials. They are black in colour and supplied as a two-component system in pre-weighed quantities ready for on-site mixing and use.  The binder, when used with a refractory grade PSV 70 Calcined bauxite aggregate (normally 1-3mm road grade or 0.5-1.4mm foot grade) will produce a high friction, high strength, impermeable and chemical resistant surfacing with excellent damage resistance. Accelerated weathering tests show no appreciable deterioration.  Truegrip BT and Truegrip EP are BBA HAPPAS Type 1 approved products Certificate number 00/H035.

Anti-skid / High friction
High visibility
Low cost lead
Resistant to petrol, diesel, chemicals and salt
Resistant to abrasion
Consistent quality
Flexible application

Consult Conren Ltd technical literature for details. Conren Ltd can also provide a design and specification service and it is recommended that they are consulted early in the design process.

Manufacturer: Conren Limited, Unit 1, The Bridge Business Centre, Ash Road South, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham, LL13 9UG Tel: 01978 661991 Fax: 01978 664664.

Product reference: Conren Truegrip BT – to Tarmac/Asphalt
Product reference: Conren Truegrip EP – to Road Grade Concrete

Type: Refractory grade PSV 70 Calcined bauxite aggregate
Size: 1-3mm road grade / 0.5-1.5mm foot grade
Colour: Buff / Grey / Hardened Red
Type: Two component resin base
Application: As manufacturer’s recommendations

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